For the past two weeks, I’ve just placed straight dry fertilizers (Calcium Nitrate, Potash-Muriate Potassium, Super Triple Phosphate, Epsom Salt-Magnesium, Dolomite-calcium/magnesium, FeEDDHA Iron) into all of my tanks.  I simply pour a little of everything into the tank, except for the iron and calcium nitrate which I measure carefully.  I was afraid that the fish would try to eat the dry fertilizer as it sank to the bottom like a food source, but they chased it down and then left it alone.  All fish are fine so far, and plants/tank doing well.  It is much easier (Laziness?) to do for all of the tanks, and I really wanted to know it would work.  So far, so good!  I have only added water.  No water change.  The 65 watt LED Flood Lights from Lowes are very close without any screen to diffuse the light.  The frogbit is growing rapidly and shading the tank nicely.  Low light plants below are doing well; Peace Lily and Narrow Leaf Java Fern.  You can see some of the Phosphate rock pellets that I just added yesterday.  I do not add phosphate with other ferts, but wait a few days after fertilizing because it can combine with other ferts making a milky substance in the tank.  All parameters are great!  I am very happy with this tank, even though it looks a bit wild, it is excellent water for the fish.  Below are pictures and video of the 29g, holding 5 Lucania Goodei, and 3 Otocinclus.  I have put some before and after pictures.  I have not cleaned the tank at all.  So you’ll notice very little if any algae on tank walls.  Peace Lilies doing amazingly well as usual.  Seems they grow no matter what mistakes you may make.  Their leaves have been somewhat curled as I’ve trained them to grow submersed, but now that I am adding the fertilizers (except Calcium nitrate & Iron) without measuring…so a lot more of the stuff, the leaves are straightening out.  This is more like the EI method.  Knowing that many fertilizers can be added in abundance without harm to the tank was my experiment.  I believe it has worked well.  I will keep an eye out for micro or macro toxicities.  But if I only dose the tank once every month this way (except maybe adding iron twice a month, or even weekly), I may not have any issues with toxicity.

Over two weeks ago using carefully measured dry ferts dissolved in water:

20160826 Tanks 005 20160826 Tanks 004

Today using the ‘lazy’ method of pour all in without measuring (eyeballing to 1 tablespoon more or less) and of course still measuring calcium nitrate and iron:

20160914-29g-nomaintenacegood-00120160914-29g-nomaintenacegood-00420160914-29g-nomaintenacegood-007 20160914-29g-nomaintenacegood-006 20160914-29g-nomaintenacegood-00520160914-29g-nomaintenacegood-00320160914-29g-nomaintenacegood-002