I’m in the maintenance only stage of my tanks now.  The addition of dry fertilizers (iron, potash, dolomite, triple super phosphate, calcium nitrate, epsom salts) once a month is working well.  I have pulled out the frogbit and water lettuce and am using duckweed almost exclusively covering most of the surface.  There are some leftover water lettuce and frogbit floating around, but I pull them out because I like the duckweed better right now.  It filters the light of the 60-65watt LED Flood lamps perfectly.  I am getting just the right amount of light for my low to medium light plants.

The Peace Lilies in the 29g are doing extremely well with this new fertilizing and lighting method.  Their leaves are not curling as much and are straightening out more every week.  Growth for all plants is slow and steady.  I haven’t lost a single fish.  The only two fertilizers I am measuring more carefully are calcium nitrate and iron.  Everything else I just use 1 tablespoon each, or two for the 55g.  The iron powder is just about 1/4 a teaspoon for the 55g, and the Calcium Nitrate is two teaspoons.  A little less in the 29g.  Manganese is the only other fertilizer I would like to add dry, but I haven’t picked any up yet.

Proof is in the pictures!  You can see the light reddish tint to the water from the iron I added about two weeks ago.  I need to add some water to the 55g.

You can also see a pile of pellets, probably phosphate, still there from two weeks ago when I added two tablespoons. I wonder how long it will take to dissolve completely into the water column?


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