All tanks are looking good except for one of the three 5g’s.  Last month it was cloudy and needed to be cleared up with a UV light, and this month it is growing more algae on the glass than all the other tanks.  Although there is some algae on the glass of all the tanks, this tank has more.  Other than that, they are looking good with slow growth and no fish deaths.  I am adding the same dry fertilizers once every month to all of the tanks.  For about 5 months I’ve only been topping off the tanks, not doing any water changes.  I have not cleaned the substrate at all, but instead leave it to feed the plants.  I am very pleased with everything so far.  Next week I will wipe down the walls to clean the alage, if it doesn’t go away on it’s own.  There is just a little spot algae on the 55g.   So the dry fertilizer routine is working very well.  I swirl the dry fertilizers around a bit with a long handled stick after it has been in the tank for about an hour or two.  The dolomite clouds the water for about 12hrs, but the rest of the month the tanks are clear.  Of the three 5 gallon tanks, you can see the middle tank is growing quite a bit of algae.  I wonder why that tank has problems?  One thing I do know, is it has less plants than the others.  So the algae doesn’t have to compete for food, and can grow faster.