After a couple of years of blogging, I am moving my pictures and some important content over to my youtube channel, and my ‘minds’ social website.

So by the end of January, 2017, this website will be no more.  It has been a joy to keep, and hopefully some of the work I’ve done with my tanks has helped you in some ways.

I’ll be putting the ‘latest’ pictures and videos of my tanks on my youtube channel, and you are welcome to ask me any questions on that site.  I’m really enjoying using the new ‘Minds’ social media site, but it is in beta, so I can’t say whether it will still be around in a year or two.  But I think it will.  Many people are moving from facebook to Minds because of privacy issues during messaging, etc.  It is also ‘endorsed’ by Anonymous, which is really cool.  Go check it out.

Youtube:  Being Here